SBLS – Skill Based Leveling System for Unity

SBLS Requires Unity 5.0.1 or higher.

SBLS is a skill based leveling system built for Unity, that makes implementing a robust leveling system for your game as easy as a few clicks.

So, what can SBLS do?

SBLS allows you to add RPG style levels to your game characters easily, and you have the following features available:

  • Create skills for your characters which level up
  • Set skills to be manually updated or time based
  • Set required experience points for levels, or have it generated by a multiplier
  • Multiple configurations for different character types
  • Comes packaged with a simple quest system
  • SBLS is an out of the box leveling system, so set up is easy. Simply create a SBLS Config file, set up your levels, then add the SBLSCharacter script to the desired character. You can then start customising your code to use the available methods and classes within the SBLS namespace.

    How does it work?

    SBLS works on configuration files which you create in Unity. The SBLS configuration file stores information of how you want your leveling system to work, then you assign the SBLSCharacter script to the GameObject you want to use the configuration. More information on setting up SBLS can be found at the Setting up SBLS page.

    When a characters skill levels up the level number is added to the main XP. So, if your skill goes up to level 2, then your main XP will have 2 added to it.


    You can purchase SBLS through the Unity Asset Store.


    Click here to play a demo of SBLS


    Setting up SBLS
    API Documentation