Some old technical posts – Unity 3D

Quite a while ago I wrote some posts to help with specific issues in using Unity3D over at Tore Studios. I’ve decided to link them here just for posterity purposes really. Both posts have to do with issues relating to Unity and Android builds, which hopefully will be helpful for […]

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Sometimes things change

Life isn’t always a certain thing. Sometimes things go as planned and you keep cruising along that straight line towards where you want to go. Other times you have to dodge and weave between random hazards that send you careening down a path you never expected. Other times the car […]

The Bogan Diaries - Episode 1 - The UFO

The Bogan Diaries – EP 1 – The UFO

The first episode of my new animated web series “The Bogan Diaries” is now up on YouTube and The series follows two bogans, Steve and Macca, as they do everything they can to drink, smoke, and avoid having to get a job.   Enjoy.    

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In this episode I rant about hoverboards, the new Doom game, Bernard Tomic, and more.

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Terminal Deceleration Podcast EP 9

In this episode of the podcast I talk about NFL, WWE, roundabouts, and a lot of other things.

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Terminal Deceleration Podcast EP 8 – Jens F. Ryland from Borknagar

This week in the Terminal Deceleration podcast I get to pretend to be a journalist and fumble my way through questions while I interview Jens F. Ryland from the Norwegian metal band Borknagar.

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Terminal Deceleration EP 7 – Emily McCool

This week the hilarious Emily McCool joins me to discuss many things, including celebrity deaths, sex, Hillary Clinton, aliens, and much more.

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Terminal Deceleration Episode 6

Episode 6 of the Terminal Deceleration podcast is up now.


Podcast Bonus: Sweaty Flock Fun Time – The Complete Works

This week I’ve added a bonus podcast which is a compilation of all the Sweaty Flock Fun Time podcasts, which total to 4. I’ve compiled them into the one audio file so you can listen to it in one sitting. Sweaty Flock Fun Time was a sketch podcast that I […]


A 2015 Retrospective

You may not be aware yet, but the year 2015 has officially ended, bringing in the era of 2016. Starting a new year is much like waiting for a new head of state to start working; it’s uplifting and hopeful, yet you have no idea how crazy it is actually […]